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Our handcrafted beers are brewed on the premises in small batches for the ultimate in freshness.  This page contains descriptions of all beers in our portfolio. Beers currently on tap in the brewpub as well as what's coming soon are listed in the column on the left the home page.

Flagship Beers

These beers are usually brewed several times a year.

(*An asterisk indicates beers that are available in cans through our distributor network.  We do not sell cans at the brewpub, only growlers.)

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An American IPA with big malt character giving perfect balance to the abundance of Pacific Northwest hops. Hopheads won't be disappointed. This beer was released for our 1st Anniversary celebration at the pub, then quickly became a year round favorite (cans and draft) 7.5% alc by vol. and ~75 IBU's
Initial release: 12/5/2009
Our version of this dark, rich, and complex stout has a touch of molasses and a silky smooth finish due to the generous helping of oatmeal in the grist. Served on nitro. 4.8% alc by volume

Initial release:  ~12/30/2008
An amber colored American pale ale, medium-bodied, with well-balanced malt and hop flavor, a hoppy aroma, and crisp finish. Year round in cans and draft. 5.3% alc by volume and ~45 IBU's

Initial release: 12/5/2008

Specialty & Seasonal Beers

These brews are typically available during a specific season or for a limited time.

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Our version of a Scottish ale, first released at our Beat the Winter Blues Festival.

Initial release:  1/16/2010
Based on our Belgian yeast strain, this brew uses Pilsner, some Munich, and small amounts of caramel malts, along with a small dab of flaked barley for the malt bill. Nugget and Chinook were used for the bittering hop additions, with Cascade for all the late additions and dry-hopping. The aroma and flavors from the yeast have a very interesting interaction with the hop aroma and flavors. 1.071 OG, 1.014 FG, ~75 IBU, 7.4% ABV. 

Initial release:   6/24/2011
This pale and light beer was brewed with sweet orange peels, coriander, and grains of paradise and fermented with our Belgian yeast strain for those wonderful fruity esters and aromas. It finishes up around 4.6% ABV. Initial release:   5/15/2012
Medium-bodied, full-flavored, with a bready mouthfeel and a subtle roasted-chocolate malt flavor. Well-balanced with traditional English and American hops.

Initial release:  12/12/2008
A medium-bodied, malty, sweet Belgian-style Blond ale with great complexity and a heavenly finish. 6.5% alc by volume Spring Seasonal in cans
Initial release: ~6/3/2009
A light bodied, slightly dry, straw-colored ale, with low hop presence and a crisp finish. Easy drinking!

Initial release: ~7/3/2009
For those of you not familiar with the style, the name can be slightly misleading. A best bitter is essentially just an English Pale Ale...well-balanced, with some caramel malt and traditional English hops, it's not as hoppy/bitter as the American counterpart and no where near as hoppy/bitter as an IPA. Most of the hop profile is in the initial bittering hop (in this case, East Kent Goldings) and some in the flavor hop addition (in this case, UK Fuggles). But it's not the bitterness that defines the style, it's the interplay between the caramel malt flavors and the delicate, floral, earthy character from the traditional English hops. It is very close to being a session beer with low to moderate alcohol. Brewed at the request of a longtime pub club member, Tim Egan, who has a taste for English style beers.
Initial release:  4/8/2011
A very light-bodied, low-hopped, pale golden ale, with some wheat and lightly toasted malts to round out the flavor. Refreshing and thirst-quenching, good enough to drink year round! Summer seasonal in cans. 4.5% alc by volume

Initial release: 12/5/2008
A cross between a brown ale and an IPA, with dark caramel and chocolate malts, brown sugar, and plenty of hops. 6.5% alc by volume and ~60 IBU's. First released in cans Fall 2013. Fall Seasonal in cans.
This brew is a pale lager agressively hopped with Galena and Willamette, and dry hopped with Cascade. It finishes crisp and hoppy. Something a little different than your standard IPA for all you hopheads out there. 6% alc by volume ~ 40 IBU's Spring Seasonal in cans

Initial release: 12/27/2012
A smooth easy drinking ale, with dark caramel malts and East Kent Goldings hops, served on nitrogen to mellow out the flavors.  Usually released for St. Patrick's Day. Initial release: 3/17/2009
This brew takes the Egan's Best Bitter a step further. It has a lot more caramel malt along with some toasted malts, a slightly fuller mouthfeel and a little more body. It should come across with a more profound caramel malt profile and some biscuit-like flavors will be noticeable. It also has a lot more hops to balance the extra malt, again with authentic East Kent Goldings and UK Fuggles for that traditional English hop character. Bitterness is a lot more noticeable but it's still not the dominant trait of this beer; even though ESB means "Extra Special Bitter" this beer is still all about balance and drinkability. It finishes at 5.3% ABV.
A reddish/amber Oktoberfest-style beer in honor of Prince Ludwig's anniversary. Big, bold, with plenty of malt flavor to satisfy any palate.  Typically brewed for our Oktoberfest celebration.
Initial release: 10/10/2009
A medium-bodied, dark copper hybrid, loosely based on the Dusseldorf style altbiers. Brewed like an ale, aged like a lager, with a deliciously hoppy burst of bitterness and dark malt undertones.

Initial release: 2/11/2009
Based on the Traditional Bamberg style smoked lagers, this beer is similar to an Oktoberfest/Marzen but with smoked malt accounting for part of the grist. It has a subtle but distinct smokey flavor and aroma to complement the toasty malt profile. Initial release:   8/2011
Warm yourself next to the fire…or just have one of these! Based on a Belgian-style special ale, we add our own blend of freshly ground spices to the boil. Dark and complex, a perfect warmer on a cold winter's day.  Our winter seasonal release.
Initial release: ~12/27/2009
Pack your bags, you're going to paradise! Traditional Bavarian Pilsner; crisp, clean, mildly hoppy, a perfect treat on a warm summer day. Summer seasonal in cans. 4.5% alc by volume

Initial release: ~3/27/2009
More than a brown ale, not quite a stout, this porter pours dark and rich, with plenty of chocolate malt, offset by a late addition of Cascade hops for aroma.

Initial release:  2/11/2009
A cutting edge American Porter with plenty of chocolate malt and a shovel full of hops. Plow right in. 5.7% alc by volume. First released in cans November 2013. Winter Seasonal in cans.
A unique pumpkin session ale brewed with real pumpkin, brown sugar, subtle spices, and vanilla. 4.6% alc by volume. First released in cans Fall 2013. Fall Seasonal in cans.
Resolution Rye Stout is deceptively smooth, with a spicy malt backbone and Belgian yeast aromatics. Resolutely delicious. 6.8% alc by volume. First released in cans November 2013. Winter Seasonal in cans.
An easy drinking British mild session ale, light bodied but dark and malty. Similar to an English Brown Ale but lighter gravity, less body, and lower alcohol (3.5%). Lots of flavor for a light beer!  The name of this beer was the winner of the “name that beer” competition.

Initial release:  ~1/3/2009
Shermanator is a big, malty, sweet lager finishing up around 8.3% ABV. From the Brewers Association doppelbock description: "rich, dark malt flavors with low hop bitterness and flavor, quite full-bodied, alcoholic strength is apparent, some fruitiness is noticeable." Historically, these bocks were brewed to sustain monks during their Lenten and Advent fasts, and for some reason in Germany the brewers named their doppelbocks with words ending in "-ator", like Salvator, Celebrator, Illuminator, or the local Troegenator from Troegs Brewery in Harrisburg. We named ours after our American Bulldog, Sherman, who I've nicknamed "The Shermanator" since he acts so big and tough and thinks he's invincible.

Initial release:  10/15/2010
A reddish/amber Belgian-Style Pale Ale, this beer has a real nice toasty malt flavor, balanced with East Kent Goldings hops and that wonderful flavor and aroma from our Belgian yeast strain (the same we use for the Celestial Blonde and Trinity Tripel).
Initial release: 8/28/2010
Our seasonal offering for Pumpkinfest, made with real pumpkins. Initial release:  10/29/2009
This style of beer is also known as Black IPA or India Black Ale. Another of Justin's creations, it was brewed on 11/11/11 and has 11 ingredients between the malt and hops. The Eleven starts off as a hop heads dream and finishes with a complex dark malt sweetness. The aroma is full of pine and citrus. The heart of this brew is Pacific Northwest hops, Midnight Wheat malt, caramel malt, and chocolate malts. 1.065 OG, ~75 IBU's, 6.6% ABV.

Initial release:  12/13/2011
A Belgian Tripel, with East Kent Goldings for the bittering hop additions and Czech Saaz for a late hop addition. Trinity uses the same Belgian yeast strain as the Celestial Blonde, but this beer ferments at a higher temperature to achieve a more spicy and estery flavor profile. 1.080 OG, 30 IBU, ~8.5% ABV. Released to celebrate the birth of Damien & Maria's first child, Luke.

Initial release:  4/25/2010
Traditional English IPA, with a dark copper hue and malty undertones, full-bodied, with a great hoppy bite up front and through the finish.

Initial release: 3/4/2009
Unruly Rye is an American Pale Ale/IPA with rye malt accounting for 23% of the grist. It's full-bodied, almost brown in color, with a good balance between malt and hops, and a dry finish. The rye offers a characteristic flavor while complementing the hop bitterness. It is dry hopped with 2 lbs. of Nugget in the fermenter to enhance the hop aroma.

Initial release:  04/27/2012
This big, robust porter comes in at 7.6% ABV, but has a slightly sweet finish and a very subtle vanilla and almond flavor. When adding non-traditional ingredients to beer, Damien tries to add them so they compliment the existing flavors from the malt and hops, rather than have them dominate the flavor profile. So this beer is not a vanilla/almond's a nice big porter with a slight hint of almond and a dash of vanilla. Those subtle flavors work well with the dark malts, while adding some depth and creaminess in the mouthfeel as they linger in the aftertaste.

Initial release: 1/4/2011

Single Batch Beers

These one-off batches were brewed for special occasions or as a test of a new recipe. These may or may not be brewed in the future.

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An amber lager with toasted malt character up front and a slightly lingering hop bitterness right behind it. It finishes slightly dry and crisp and is sessionable at 4.9% alc by vol.

Initial release: 05/28/2013
282 Obituary Lager dons its black as a liquid eulogy to the once great building, but don't be fooled by the color, this German style Schwarzbier has a very subtle roast flavor suitable for even those who don't like dark beers with just a touch of hop bitterness and a clean finish from the cold fermentation and lagering. ~5.5% alc by volume  Brewed at the new brewpub (298 Mill St.) in honor of our original address on Mill Street. We had a great 4 1/2 years at 282...R.I.P.!

Initial release: 10/08/2013
An American Amber Ale with Pilsner malt, medium caramel malts, and some roast barley for color enhancement. It strikes a great balance between malt and hops, using Nuggett and Liberty. 5.7% alc by volume

Initial release: 09/17/2013
Think of it kind of like a cross between a Munich Dunkel and a Czech Pils, but with lower alcohol so you can enjoy it all day long!  A true session beer at 3.6% abv, this lager has caramel and toasted malts and is generously hopped with German Perle and Czech Saaz hops.
Initial release: 3/16/2010
This wheat beer is slightly tart and refreshing, with plenty of esters and fruity flavors and aromas imparted by the yeast. It finishes up around 4.8% ABV.

Initial release:   8/5/2011
It's a Belgian style Quadrupel...a big, dark, malty brew that is full bodied with many layers of flavor and complexity, and some hints of whiskey due to its extended aging time in oak whiskey barrels.  This beer was released for our 3rd Anniversary celebration.

Initial release:  12/5/2011
E.S.P. stands for Extra Special Pale - a wonderfully delicious English Ale brewed with several different caramel and toasted malts and hopped with East Kent Goldings and U.K. Fuggles, and dry hopped with Willamette. Initial release:  ~1/6/2009
This chocolate bock was brewed for Chocolatefest 2012. This is a malty, full-flavored, dark amber bock beer brewed with 7 lbs. of roasted cacao beans in the boil and another 7 lbs. in the fermenter. It finishes smooth with subtle chocolate notes and a nice chocolate aroma.  ABV 6.3%.

Initial release:  2/14/2012
It's got plenty of chocolate malt and roasted barley, along with 7 lbs. of cocoa nibs (roasted cacao beans) in the boil, and another 8 lbs. of cocoa nibs in the fermenter! It finishes chocolatey, roasty, and slightly sweet at about 6.2% ABV. Released for Chocolatefest 2011.

Initial release:  2/8/2011
A kicked up version of our Old Forge Alt, strong and malty with a nice hop bitterness imparted by the German Perle hops. ~7.2% alc by volume

Initial release: 10/10/2013
This beer is nicknamed Darren's Wedding Brew. Darren married Maria's sister Yolanda on June 25, 2011. He is a homebrewer and helped out at the brewpub as a volunteer when we first opened. He made this batch of beer (it's his own recipe) on our brewpub system for the wedding. He is from Oregon, so his Pacific Northwest influence comes through nicely. It is a malty amber lager, but with lots of dry-hopped Cascade to give it a really nice hoppy aroma and flavor without all the bitterness. It finishes around 5% ABV.

Initial release: 6/7/2011
Brewery employee Jason VanSickle, aka "The Handler", harvested over 50 lbs of apples from his apple trees. Brewer Justin James put together a basic pale ale recipe, they threw 20 lbs apples into the boil, and another 30 lbs of apples into the fermenter. How 'bout them apples? They are absolutely delicious and it comes through in this beer. Not overpowering but they add a nice complimentary flavor and aroma profile to this very drinkable brew. 5.4% alc by volume

Initial release: 11/05/2013
A big, rich, complex stout using our Belgian yeast strain and aged in oak bourbon barrels, with a lot of body and terrific mouthfeel, along with just a hint of whiskey notes.  This beer is interesting in that the style, Belgian Stout, doesn't officially exist. Our version is a big, roasty, chocolately beer with deep layers of flavor and some interesting character from our Belgian yeast strain. And to kick it up a notch, it is aged in oak bourbon barrels for 7 weeks. This beer was brewed in honor of Damien and Maria's second-born son, Henry Louis Malfara, aka Hank. 8% ABV.

Initial release: 1/3/2012
Medium bodied brown ale, with hints of caramel & toffee, and a touch of lingering sweetness from the addition of local wildflower honey (Millville, PA). 5.8% alc by vol

Initial release: 04/30/2013
A hoppy American Amber Ale, a new creation from our brewer Justin James. This beer is medium-bodied and generously hopped with Cascade hops for the late hop additions, finishing up at 5.4% ABV. Very drinkable, with great hop flavor and aroma.

Initial release: 10/7/2011
Brewed for Leap Day, this beer has a good malt backbone with some toasted and Munich malts, along with a small amount of caramel malts. There are 4 different Pacific Northwest hops in the kettle and it's dry-hopped with Willamette and Liberty. It has about 65 IBU's of bitterness to balance the malt, but a lot of hop flavor and aroma as well, and it finishes around 7.2% ABV.

Initial release: 2/29/2012
A delicately balanced strong golden lager to celebrate the arrival of Spring. Smooth & clean, it hides it's 6.7% alcohol by volume very well.

Initial release: 05/14/2013
Justin put together a nice harmony of hops and malt flavor for Northwest Red, a full bodied red ale hopped with 3 different Northwest hops, relying heavily on Cascade and Willamette for the late hop additions. It's smooth, full-bodied, hoppy, and finishes up around 5.7% ABV.

Initial release: 3/17/2012
Our first beer! The first batch ever brewed on our brewpub system, especially for opening day, December 5, 2008.

Initial release: 12/5/2008
This session ale is an English-style pale ale, with a toasted caramel malt profile, low alcohol and subtle bitterness despite the large amounts of English hops.

Initial release: ~9/23/2009
A hoppy Belgian style pale ale. We used Pilsner and caramel malts along with Willamette, Nugget, and Cascade hops and our house Belgian yeast. It's a wonderfully tasty and aromatic brew. 6.5% alc by volume

Initial release: 09/19/2013
This beer uses malted rye as the backbone of the grist bill, along with Munich and Vienna malts, and some flaked rye and flaked wheat to add texture. It is copper-brown in color, cloudy, with nice esters from the use of our weizen yeast, and has a rocky dense head. The flavor is slightly spicy, reminiscent of rye bread or pumpernickel, with light noble Czech Saaz hops in the finish, and it's sessionable at 5.4% ABV.

Initial release: 9/11/2012
A refreshing farmhouse style summer ale, with a touch of honey and spices, aged on French oak chips. 5.7% alc by vol.

Initial release: 06/04/2013
Brewed exactly like the Single Malt Saaz and Single Malt Liberty, using only Vienna malt but this time the hop of choice is the UK Fuggles. This hop was cultivated in England from a chance seedling and has long been associated with English ale brewing. It is primarily an aroma hop with a mild and pleasant aroma and flavor. Many English brewers use it exclusively as an aroma hop in conjunction with high-alpha acid hops to attain the hop profile they desire. We used it for all hop additions in this brew and it is fantastic. It finishes up around 5.1% ABV.

Initial release:   8/30/2011
The second beer in our single malt/single hop series is Single Malt Liberty. This beer uses only Vienna malt and Liberty hops for all hop additions. It is the same exact beer as the Single Malt Saaz, but with Liberty hops being used in place of Czech Saaz. Liberty is a U.S. grown hop variety, developed from the German noble hop Hallertauer Mittelfruh. It has a mild, slightly spicy aroma and flavor. It is used primarily as an aroma hop due to its relatively low alpha acid content of 3 to 5%. (Hops high in iso-alpha acids provide hop bitterness).

Initial release:   7/15/2011
This is the first in our single malt/single hop series of beers. The idea is to use only one malt variety and make the same beer three times, only changing the hop variety each time to see how much of a difference is noticable depending on the type of hops used.
Most of the beers we brew use a combination of base malt along with a variety of specialty malts to provide flavor, depth, body, and color to the beer. We also tend to use multiple hop varieties in our beer to add complexity and flavor. This series of beers will only use one malt and one hop variety each time, so they are very simple but will allow your palate to detect the subtle differences in flavors and aromas contributed by the hops.
The base malt used for each beer is a lightly kilned malt called Vienna, which provides a little more flavor than standard Pilsner or Pale Ale malt, but for the most part is going to provide for a neutral beer without a whole lot of malt character.
The first in our single malt/single hop series uses Czech Saaz hops for all hop additions. This hop is considered to be a true noble hop, with terrific flavor and aroma. Czech Saaz is grown in the Czech Republic and is known to be mild, earthy, herbal, and spicy. There is slight fruitiness in this crop as well. The most well-known beer that uses Czech Saaz hops is the world's first pilsner, Pilsner Urquell. We also use it in our Paradise Pilsner and our Trinity Tripel.

Initial release:   5/17/2011
Just in time for Baconfest (June 11 to 16), this clean, pale lager is made more complex by the use of Beechwood smoked malt in the grist. 5.5% alc by vol.

Initial release: 06/11/2013
Brewed with 8 different malts and enhanced by the addition of locally roasted Bason Sumatra Mandheling dark roasted coffee, added to both the boil and to fermentation for exquisite coffee flavor and aroma. Served on nitro. 6.25% alc by volume

Initial release: 01/02/14
Numerous requests for a wheat beer forced Damien to brew one.

Initial release: 4/28/2010
Based loosely on a German Schwarzbier, but bigger, bolder, and hoppier. We used German Perle and Czech Saaz hops for all kettle additions. Plus we dry-hopped 1 lb per barrel with Czech Saaz hops. It comes in around 7% alc by volume and around 42 IBU's.

Initial release: 11/21/2012
This unique brew was spiced with corriander, orange peel, lemon grass and sage. The Whitesmith IPA is a cross between a Belgian wit and an IPA. Columbus, Chinook, Cascade, and Nugget hops were all used in this brew. Sit back and enjoy this refreshing citrus/piney libation as we still hold on to the last few weeks of summer. 6.3%abv ibu 70.

Initial release: 8/28/2012